Paws to the Pedal

Project Overview

Paws to the Pedal is a charity car show run by a volunteer group of car enthusiasts and animal activists. Combining my love for animals, and my passion for cars was a no-brainer, so I readily accepted the project.

The branding for P2P was kept color-neutral to support the yearly color theme, and from initial approach, had about a one-weekend turnaround.


As lead volunteer designer/ marketing strategist, there isn't a lot that I don't touch directly. My many roles for this committee include producing graphics for marketing materials, developing and maintaining the website, coordinating and implementing social media strategy, as well as a number of hands-on roles on the day of event (include volunteer coordination, donation collection, and photography).


  • I've been volunteering for this committee for 6 years.
  • Attendance and funds raised has increased year over year.
  • I'm guilty of sneaking pictures of my own pets into more than one poster.

Like most volunteer organizations, we have to stretch our marketing dollars as far as they will go. This requires making big-impact design solutions on a shoe-string budget. From handouts at swap meets, to posters hung in auto part stores, the gamut of marketing materials produced has to punch well above its weight class.