Winnipeg Winter Club


The agency that I work for has been developing graphics for the Winnipeg Winter Club or over 8 years. Most recently, we have completely redesigned the website, the newsletter, and a whole host of support graphics that shape the identity of the club, both online and in-person.

Fun Facts

The WWC is a private athletic club for individuals and families of all ages where you can enjoy a wide variety of programs and facilities in a secure and motivating environment. Social interaction, recreation and lifelong friendships are all found at the Winnipeg Winter Club.


  • The WWC has a weekly newsletter and weekly events, all of which require custom graphics that fit the brand, and also help to share the WWC identity.

Along with This invite was created for an awards program that the Club was offering. From concept to completion took only a few brainstorming sessions. The word mark and design were later adapted to a banner stand.